Landscape, Ochre Vintage Button

Parade Politician

Square Blue Button, Key, Landscape

Parade, Spiral Button

Green Button. Watercolor Landscape

These small works of art in the form of a bookmark began, originally, in 2006 briefly and then were put aside until the fall of 2013. I moved to Corpus Christi in the spring of that year. My studio space had to be remade in a small 10’x10’ bedroom. I was struggling with how to make a workable space for my art.

Repurposed/Recycled is the theme of this series. I took old works on paper and tore them into small surfaces, the idea of ArtMarks was born or rebirthed. By remaking the art, it transitioned into something interesting, vibrant, withn the addition of vintage buttons, jewelry and fiber. I did this over and over with work 10-20 years old or more. Landscapes from the Frio River, Padre Island, life painting and drawing and the list goes on and can go on.

Working at a drawing table, I learned to enjoy my tiny studio sanctuary. I return to painting alternatively, but this venue offers a break or variation in my art path

Liz Hunt