T's Sunflower with Egg

Coffee In A White Cup

Liar Bird

Trellis and Two Wrens

Trellis and Swamp Sparrow

Painting has been a journey on the surface and sometimes not.

My story is illustrated though a variety of natural and personal images, text, and birds.

Collaging seed packets, pattern pieces, photos and text, this layering process does seem to be a patterned pathway into a garden of insanity.

Always paint your story, your truth. Quoting the words of the Poet Laureate, Stanley Kunitz: ''… live in the layers, not on the litter.''

Best described as psychological-environmental landscapes, my work focuses on the simple, complex and chaotic of the daily journey. Loss, acceptance and recovery are themes in the art. We are all recovering from some kind of loss, and with recovery comes the birth of something new, delightful.

Seeds and seed packets are instrumental with the lifecycle theme. Pattern pieces are usually of children’s clothing, representing the way we are formed and fragmented. The trellis is used as a transport for growth beyond formed expectations.

Viruses, also an art element, are represented by circular images. I had a sudden viral hearing and vestibular loss in 1990, and then a Vestibular Nerve Section surgery in 1997. This herpes virus, Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, has defined my life and is permeating my work.

Liz Hunt